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Introducing.....Artios Gallery

by Widewalls

Artios Gallery showcases a number of emerging and established contemporary artists selected for their unique creative and intellectual vision.

The gallery supports artists with consulting, design of marketing strategies, publishing of promotional materials as well as creating curated public and private art events throughout the year.

Artios conducts art workshops and lectures. Digital focus allowsArtiosto to reach a global audience of art lovers, interior designers, and collectors alike, curating a gallery that ensures a personal experience for all of our guests.

The Girl


size: 36x46 inch

Mixed Media

The Rain by Alexander Rees

size: 24 x 24 inches (61 x 61 cm)

Acrylic on canvas

Get To Know Artios Gallery

- Who are the ladies behindArtiosGallery?

ArtiosGalleryis a creation of Elena Iosilevich, a Russian-born artist and entrepreneur who has been in the field for over two decades in various roles. For the past four years, she was an Art Director of The Pushkin Society Artists Guild, which she founded in 2016. In this capacity, Elena organized art exhibitions and other cultural events developing a wide network of contacts in the art world. She teaches art classes to the children in the private studio as well as exhibiting her art nationwide and participating in charitable art projects.

Ellen Opman is a Business Director of Artios Gallery. She has a degree in Business Administration and a CPA license. Ellen has been working in the business and accounting field for many years before joining Elena as a business partner. She is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Museum Studies from Harvard Extension School.

- How does the process of choosing the artists for your roster work?

Artios Gallery works with established and emerging contemporary artists alike. Our team creates art competitions and pop-up exhibitions throughout the year that allow us to search for new names and invite artists to be represented by the gallery. Artios Gallery attends art fairs to establish networking between artists and other galleries.

Many considerations are put into the decision to take artists on board; it’s not only the artists’ education and a professional path up to this point but their artistic vision, originality, aesthetic appeal. The quality of works is very important to us. We seek to create a diverse roster including various artistic styles, mediums, and genres. Since preferences vary among art connoisseurs, we offer the best quality and provide options in the selection of artworks.

- What can the collectors expect when buying fromArtiosGallery?

Artios Gallery provides its expertise to the collectors. Our team offers complimentary curatorial assistance to make sure that the art chosen suits the client’s needs perfectly. Digital focus allowsArtiosto to reach a global audience of art connoisseurs, interior designers, and collectors alike ensuring a personal experience for all of our guests. We provide a wide selection of original fine art and high quality framed acrylic, and canvas wrapped prints.

Artios Gallery’s viewing room is proven to help our clients to explore new inventory. In case a collector is not able to see the artwork in person, the virtual gallery on theArtioswebsite gives a viewer a better perspective on the work, which can be zoomed and turned for a fuller, more detailed view.

We provide our clients with complimentary catalogs of available artworks throughout a year as well as a certificate of authenticity for all sold artworks. All our shipments are professionally packed and handled with care.

-Elena Iosilevich and Ellen Opman, ArtiosGallery


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