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Winter Extravaganza. Second Annual Group Exhibition of Represented Artists.


New York, NY, December 20, 2021 - It is becoming a tradition here at Artios Gallery to showcase the works of our represented artists during the Winter Holiday season. It is a great time not only to engage in festivities with family and friends but also to reflect upon the hard work accomplished during the year.

This past year was, perhaps, not as challenging as 2020. However, it was still an uneasy period for many people, as the pandemic raged and interfered with our strife for normality. Although opened for in-person visitors, the art fairs were still much less attended, with many galleries opting for online participation. We, likewise, decided to take part in the New York ArtExpo 2022 instead of 2021. This decision was mainly driven by the uncertainty with COVID regulations and prospective closures.

Nevertheless, we have been busy with our usual work, marketing and promoting our artists, producing four catalogs, organizing two VIP events, and creating six online exhibitions. In addition, we welcomed eleven new artists to our gallery in 2021 and sold several paintings. Our artists have also been working hard creating new artworks and participating in various art events. For example, four of them have been interviewed by the Widewalls magazine this year; Hector Acevedo participated in the XIII Florence Biennale, Anya Rubin earned a Certificate of Artistic Merit at the Luxembourg Art Prize 2021 for her new work ‘Poet,’ Miroslav Duzinkevych has been selected as an Artist-in-Residence at the Van Gogh’s Immersive Experience event in New York this summer, Elena Seroff’s paintings were exhibited at two museums, one in Russia and one in Ukraine, and Fotini Christophillis had two solo exhibitions and a live podcast event, to name just a few.

Artios Gallery prides itself on selecting high-quality, exceptionally talented artists whose unique vision shapes contemporary art landscape. This exhibition presents 40 works, each unique and wonderful in its own right. The styles and media vary dramatically, from abstract to figurative, from bright and vivid to monochrome and subdued, from oil and acrylic to digital prints and photography, showcasing diversity and imagination. As we enter into this festive season, our Winter Extravaganza will surely please your eyes and lift your spirits.

View exhibition here:

Purchase inquiries at or (917) 525-3040


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