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Chernobyl by Alexey Adonin. Oil on canvas painting. Online sale

Chernobyl by Alexey Adonin - Israel

SKU: 10090AA-AP

Oil on canvas                                             
35.4 x 35.4 inches 
(90 x 90 cm)


Country: Israel

Signed by the artist



Series: Second Silence

Years: 2014-2019


About a series:

As with the first series, Second Silence is closely connected with the interaction of Man and Nature. It is denser and less muted in color than with First Silence but still maintains that hypnotic dream-like quality that the passages in previous works have. The scenery is evocatively atmospheric, melancholic, but in a right way. Through the conditions of a limited form, attention can switch from the natural landscape and direct perception to our own, artificially created objects. If the mass pop-culture begins to encroach on your spirit, but you tend toward symbolism, silence, mystical wanderings, then this is for you.


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