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Danube by Costa Gorelov

Danube by Costa Gorelov

SKU: 100123CG-FA

Oil on canvas
39.3 x 30.7 inches 
(100 x 78 cm)

Country: Russia


Style: Figurative, Impressionism, Contemporary


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About the artwork:

"He locked himself in a fashionable cell to protect himself from the sodomy predicted by the oracle. He sat alone among his bags and cried out to God. He was inspired by bags, saw arches, columns, and ribs in them, saw the craftsmanship of the old masters, and composed songs about it. Zeus noticed the prisoner and entered the cell in the form of a gold necklace and impregnated the young man, unwittingly fulfilling the oracle's prediction and thereby making him the new Danube. The Lord gave him a reward - a bag in which he could hide and go to where he would be well. This is my interpretation of the painting by Jan Grossaert Mabuse “Danube” and the Novell “Orlando” by Virginia Woolf" by Costa Gorelov.


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