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Winter Garden by Alexey Adonin - Israel

Winter Garden by Alexey Adonin - Israel

SKU: 100100AA-AP

Oil on canvas
35.4 x 35.4 inches 
(90 x 90 cm)


Country: Israel

Signed by the artist



Series: New Age



New Age is a collection of spiritually oriented works. An emotional inner trip. Picturesque and thought-provoking, these compositions quietly flow into consciousness, to challenge perceptions and stimulate the senses. One of the things that brings all these paintings together and that immediately attracts attention is Water. It is no coincidence because water characterizes the eternal flow and has always been a symbol of purification, a redemptive force, and a center of regeneration. New Age is like an ancient spiritual or healing ritual. It offers you the opportunity to enter into the process and by joining in at each step, allowing the carefully crafted pacing to work on you, come to the point of transformation.


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