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Robyn Packham


Artist Statement


My artwork derives from the intersection where drawing meets painting. Informed by the practice of drawing from life, it explores the intimacy of shared space, often within nature. Plants and trees have emerged as a common motif in my work, inspired by my upbringing in England’s rural West Midlands countryside. The theme of memory and its fragmentation over time, along with ancient mythology and the passing down of stories, have been important reference points, imparting my work with a strong sense of narrative.

I enjoy the spontaneity of drawing – the outcomes feel active and intuitive. I might treat it as a final piece or a preliminary sketch to be combined with other media. My grounding in various drawing and printmaking techniques is a fundamental element of my practice and has led to fascinating crossovers with painting. The layering of thin glazes of colour being reminiscent of the methodical process of creating a multi-layered print, while instinctive mark-making is evocative of a drawing made from life.  


Robyn was born in 1997 in Gibraltar and was raised in the rural west midlands of England. The beauty of the region proved to be a significant influence on her work during her Drawing and Print studies at the University of the West of England (Bristol). Upon graduating with First-Class Honours in 2020, she was awarded the vice chancellor’s commendation for the second year running. She was also awarded the vice chancellor’s Painting Prize and the Royal Drawing School Dumfries House 2021 residency.

Currently based in Herefordshire, Robyn specialises in drawing, painting, and printmaking. She is also a freelance illustrator published in the prominent British press, such as Guardian and the Sunday Times. Her Guardian commission was nominated for the People’s Choice Award in the ‘Power Your Breakthrough’ 2021 competition sponsored by Hewlett-Packard.

Robyn has been exhibiting her artwork in curated exhibitions from a young age. In 2014 she was highly commended by the Royal Society of British Artists for a painting entered into the national students’ show at the Mall Galleries in London. More recently, her work appeared in the ‘Analysis of X’ Bristol exhibition by Jan-Philippe Feuhsorge in 2018; and in 2020: ‘The Art of Being Alone,’ Artios Gallery, New York, and ‘That’s How I See the World,’ Centrespace, Bristol, UK – to name a few.

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