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Vladimir Demidovich


Artist Statement


My inspiration mainly comes from traveling the world. Experiencing new beautiful scenery and places helps create the vision for my art. My favorite medium is oil paint, as its rich colors and textures allow my works to convey the natural beauty of the world around me. I use canvas primarily to create landscapes, cityscapes, animals, and nature. I find working en Plein air the most rewarding. I hope to reach people with my art, whether it is a special place that touches them or a personal memory they want to be captured. My goal is to create a lasting impression they will cherish forever.


Vladimir Demidovich is a Russian-American painter living and working in South Carolina. Originally from Kyrgyzstan (part of the former USSR), he received a Bachelor’s degree from the College of Fine Art, Frunze, Kyrgyzstan, and worked in the field of decorative art until he moved to the USA in 2004. Vladimir was a member of the Artists’ Union of Kyrgyzstan, which allowed him to participate in many independent projects such as decorating the interior and exterior of government buildings, offices, schools, and many other public and private institutions. He excelled at art forms such as painting, mosaics, and murals and techniques such as embossing and repoussé. At the same time, he was painting with pastels and oils, searching for his unique style.
Vladimir continued to paint actively in the US, concentrating mostly on working with oils – his favorite medium. The artist’s extensive use of bright colors and lavish textures makes his works instantly recognizable. The positive radiance of his canvas emanates optimism inherent in the artist’s personality. His cityscapes are full of sunny and colorful images akin to kaleidoscope or mosaic rather than an extension of reality. Every inch of his artwork is filled with different color hues, sometimes translucent, sometimes solid, as if the artist pieces together a colorful glass puzzle on his canvas. Vladimir’s love of Plein air also translates into gleaming imagery, reflecting on the artist’s keen perception of the landscape. His florals are full of bright, broad strokes, highlighting the natural beauty of flowers.
Vladimir has exhibited extensively throughout the USA and Europe. His works are in public and private collections, including Greenville City Hall, SC, several hotels, banks, and other organizations.

callas,28x28,oil on canvas,Vladimir Demi
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