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Alex Shabatinas


Artist Statement


My paintings represent a synthesis of two opposite directions: surrealism and realism. All of my works are improvisations on an undefined theme. When beginning a new piece, my imagination takes over and I randomly place my paint on the canvas. As a result, the new work is born. I feel this way of working is true creativity. It is not the thoughtless copying or imitation of known masters. I purposely do not give any special title to my paintings, only sequential numbers. By doing this, I give the viewers freedom of interpretation and the privilege to choose their own title for the paintings. My intention is to force the viewers to get intimately in touch with their own inner reality and find something truly their own. I like to call this process "Initiation into Mystery". Everything that is shown in paintings: things, people, places and the spectrum of hues used, may be called a “subconscious projection”. This is the world of emotions and a life lived despite the pain of loss and the sorrow of an unrealized dream. To put it simply: "this is the life of a man and his inner world". Over the past five years, I’ve created five cycles of works consisting of twelve paintings each. They are entitled: “Vision”, “Dream”, “Genesis”, “Dreamland”, “Time” and “Tale”. At present, I am working on a new cycle entitled: “Still Life”, "Narration".




Alex Shabatinas was born in the city of Kaunas, Lithuania. He has been living in New York City since 1999. Alex is internationally renowned and his works are in the hands of private collectors all around the world. His list of patrons includes H.R.H. Charles, the Prince of Wales; former President of the United States Ronald Reagan, and the last General-Secretary of the U.S.S.R., Mikhail Gorbachev. The artist's works were presented on Sotheby's Internet Art Auction where he sold fifty-one paintings. Alex is a member of the following organizations: "Audubon Artist, Inc" (New York), "Society for Art of Imagination" (London, England), and "Williamsburg Art & Historical Center" (New York).

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