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March 31st - May 19th, 2021


7:30 pm - 9 pm 

Price: $250


Based on the "Art Completes" book, the program incorporates the Vedic Principles of creating a visual art piece with an artist and art educator's practical experience. Beginners and seasoned artists benefit from it alike. Students draw, paint, as well as discuss theory. By the end of the program, the student will have worked on multiple projects, and each will have a small collection of finished artworks. The course runs for eight weeks, and students have assignments to complete after every 1.5 hr lecture before the next session. No previous experience is required.


Week One. Line or how to generate unlimited creative flow. 

Week Two. Shapes or creating a great composition, choose the paintings' subject and make a significant visual impact. 

Week Three. Color or exploring the emotions, understanding every student's unique palette.

Week Four. Texture and Rhythm or how to make things look realistic and create movement.

Week Five. Expressing a life story through art.

Week Six. Students will discover the meaning behind the choice of the painting's size. 

Week Seven. Proportions and personal style. More work with realistic drawing or painting.

Week Eight. Completing the work. Creating the narrative. "Who am I as an artist? What do I want to express? Why is it important to me? "

Art supplies: drawing pencils, watercolor, oil, soft pastels, markers. Students can use affordable student brands, sketchbooks for mixed media, and regular copy paper.

What do students say:

"I feel so free and happy".

"I have never experienced such freedom".

"Elena is an outstanding and a very warm teacher."

"I absolutely love the course.  I am taking it for the second time and it feels that I am opening up even more. Amazing."

" love the art I create."

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