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Dragoljub Trindic


Artist's Statement

"My growing up in the rural setting of Tamnava left a considerable mark in my soul and inspired me all these years.  Landscapes, still life, portraits, and other themes dominate my creative oeuvre. My paintings are mainly positive and bring narrative and poetic discourse through intense color and often an image of distant times interwoven with the present.

Color plays a dominant role, while light-dark contrasts enhance the structure and effect of each work. Ease of stroke and display is the primary motto of all my paintings, existing and imagined. It motivates my subsequent works. Day-to-day ordinary scenes and recurring motifs fuel my creativity.

Emotions are woven into every brushstroke and expressed through the diversity of my palette. Azure coatings of paint, sometimes dense pasty layers, build the texture of the images through warm-cold and dark-light contrasts. I can say that my artistic philosophy is that paintings created with the soul find their way to the audience best."


Serbian artist Dragoljub Trindic has been painting since his youth. He studied in the studio of Miodraga Mila Petrović in his native city of Ub (western Serbia), and then in the art section Vuk Karadžić in Belgrade. Mr. Trindic primarily works with oil. He is inspired by the landscapes of his homeland and is especially fascinated by winter motifs. Additionally, explorations into still life, portrait, and icons appeal to the artist. He is the president of the Association of Fine Artists of Tamnava "Spektar," Ub, the president of the Association of Young Researchers of Cucuge, as well as a member of the Serbian Scientific Center in Belgrade.

Since 1995 Mr. Trindic has participated in over fifty national and international exhibitions and has received several national and international art awards. His works are in private collections around the world

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