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Beginners - Advanced

March to April, 2021

Monday - Thursday 2 - 5 PM EST 

Enrollment is limited to 12 students

Price: $350

Classes are small - from 3 to no more than 12 students

Proactive teacher - instructor is always present, available to review students’ work in progress, answer questions, and provide guidance

Committed, individualized attention - which includes reviewing students’ portfolios and advising on personal artistic goals in an encouraging mentorship relationship 

The workshop example

“Bad artists copy. Good artists steal.”- Pablo Picasso

Fundamentals of Narrative Painting – The course is based on in-depth Hands-On Analysis (HOA) of classical paintings in order to study and apply the composition rules these masterpieces exhibit. Through HOA practices and using artworks that differ by style and composition, students will be exposed to a variety of approaches for developing effective paintings. Observation and learning will be supported by lectures and demonstrations. Through student presentations and group discussions, students will be encouraged to develop their own distinctive artistic style. During this course, students will develop a strong understanding of the principal rules of composition, master three HOA practices, and will try to recreate a Homage study of the selected masterpieces in each student’s unique style. Through this course, students will be exposed to water-based media and master their skills in producing color studies.


Mr. Boris Lyubner received his MFA degree with Honors from St. Petersburg Stiglitz Academy of Art, Russia. His award-winning career as an illustrator includes national and international projects for corporate and advertising clients, who have placed his paintings in their collections and museums. Lyubner is an art instructor at the San Francisco Academy of Art University, as well as a professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology, St. John’s University, and CUNY here in NYC.

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