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Geiza Barreto


"My Art is a journey of self-knowledge and dialogue with the deepest levels of the mind. Through it, I express my duality and the search for balance - the logical and the emotional, the rational and the intuitive, science and faith, sadness and joy, shadow and light, strength and fragility. I alternate expressive strokes with delicate lines and neutral tones with vibrant ones; I use contrasting colors; I mix materials and observe the interaction between them. I explore the different textures of the materials used. 


In my process of building abstract works, I often start working intuitively, without any prior intention, adding layers with blocks of color, symbols, marks, and elements until the theme of the painting reveals itself, bringing to light hidden messages from the unconscious mind. Sometimes accidents happen, which I try to accept and incorporate into what the work will become. Often, along with the accident, comes the idea for the title or the message to be conveyed. 


By connecting the creative spirit of each artist to the universe of each spectator, Art has the power to awaken thoughts and emotions capable of transforming lives in a single instant. It is this difference that I intend to make in the lives of those who know my work."






Geiza Barreto was born in the city of Salvador, State of Bahia, in Brazil. She has lived with Art all her childhood since her mother was an artist. In 2003 Geiza began to study drawing and painting in the studio of a renowned Brazilian artist, Ana Canella. In 2016, after a two-decade career in Information Technology, she decided to dedicate herself to Art. She began studying mixed media with teachers from several countries. Since 2019 Geiza has participated in group exhibitions in Chaves and Lisbon, Portugal, and Madrid, Spain. Her artworks are exhibited in galleries and museums in the United States, Brazil, and Portugal.

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Selected exhibitions (PDF)

Artist Statement

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