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Jack Caserta


Artist statement

I never want to impose a way to interpret my art because I believe that abstract art is best felt intuitively rather than understood.


I’m a mixed-media artist whose abstracts are inspired by the idea of not finding a universal form, but rather to achieve a form that is continually changing. I believe abstract art as having limitless possibilities; therefore, my canvas evolves with no pre-conceived idea of what the result will be. I explore and span abstract styles by combining color, texture, images, text, composition, and scale. 


I tend to operate on several signals at once, and this allows my painting to evolve organically and spontaneously. I prefer this, rather than following a plan from beginning to end. What I connect to most in life is the emotional side of things, the images, colors, brush strokes, and textured surfaces of my paintings represent the energy and emotions I experience.


I draw inspiration from the mid-twentieth century New York School of abstract expressionists, Willem de Kooning, Hans Hoffman, Franz Kline, Robert Motherwell, Jackson Pollock, Robert Rauschenberg, Mark Rothko, and Cy Twombly. Also inspiring are Jean-Michel Basquiat and Gerhard Richter.






Jack Caserta is an emerging artist originally from Connecticut, now living in Charleston, South Carolina. Formally trained in Art at the College of Charleston, SC, he now devotes full time to his artistic career. Jack developed a "pluralistic practice" working in different styles and mediums. His figurative and symbol-laden abstract works use oil and acrylic punctuated with graphic lines of pastel or Krink marker. 


By using multiple layers of color and coarse brushwork, Jack likes to explore how a line, a stroke, or a mass of bold color can evoke raw feelings. His process is intuitive, organic, and inventive. Jack says: "I'm constantly experimenting with textures and layers to convey flow & movement. I believe my abstract work is of an expressive language influenced by music, landscapes, stories, and sensations. I take a lot of inspiration from Jean-Michel Basquiat, Willem De Kooning, and Gerhard Richter, to name a few."


Jack has participated in many local exhibitions. Most notable was Pequot Library's WET PAINT art show in 2018, where he won top honors and was awarded a month-long solo exhibition in Summer of 2019. His works were included in the 69th AONE Art Exhibition at Silvermine Gallery, CT, Fall, 2019. Jack's paintings are in private collections in South Carolina and Connecticut.

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