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Juan Francisco

Gomez Cambronero


Artist Statement


I was always a little introverted and sometimes did not have the right word or did not want to pronounce it. Painting gave me that opportunity to express myself. My works show my feelings and my way of seeing and facing the external environment and human relations. In them, there is always an idea, a message, or a demand. 


My current style could be characterized as a contemporary figurative style. I use color to saturate spaces and create an atmosphere that enhances the expressive value and gives more freedom to my works. I often break or blur the straight lines and contours to free my paintings from the bonds and transmit rhythm and dynamism, extolling the work's plasticity. My rebellious and creative character collides with my most rational side, fed by my training as a civil engineer. The result of that internal struggle is the high visual impact, energy, and personality of my work that excites the viewer.


Born in Madrid (Spain) in February 1976, residing in Damiel (Cuidad Real) in La Mancha, Juan Francisco Gómez-Cambronero is a professional civil engineer. However, from the moment he could hold a paintbrush, Juan Francisco showed great talent. Being raised in a family-oriented environment gave uniqueness to his paintings.  Today, the artist has emerged with his individual, instantly recognizable style.

Pictorial realism appeals the most to the artistic vision of Juan Francisco. Nevertheless, he doesn’t object to merging that style with figurative expressionism, characteristic to his creative personality. The ability to generate questions in the observer is a foundation of his individuality as an artist.

There are no challenges from which the artist backs down. In fact, he doesn’t wait; he looks for them. Juan Francisco is not intimidated by any theme, from the Manchego traditions to the most modern urban settings, from the celebrations to the retreat, from the chaotic to the serene. His art is dynamic, like the raindrops on the pavement. It resonates like a child unaffected by life’s troubles, like a prayer echoing from a mosque lost in a silent street.

Gómez-Cambronero accomplishes what artists strive for. He has a way of communicating; he opens up, captures, and achieves it. The result is of high visual impact and dynamic art form. The maturity of his artistic vision has captivated audiences, winning him several awards both nationally and internationally. He has participated in many art exhibitions, illustrated several books, and has accentuated urban spaces with realistic cut sculptures made of iron and copper bars

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