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Marina Kalinovsky




Marina was born in the former Soviet Union, raised and received art education in St. Petersburg (formerly Leningrad). Since 1989 she has lived in New York, USA.


Marina’s father, a historian, was responsible for the restoration of a museum of archeology and history in a small town near St. Petersburg. The museum was her second home. This dilapidated yet enchanted place, with Greek amphorae and medieval armor, still inspires many of her paintings and drawings. The images are often provoked by a combination of colors or the beauty of a gesture. She believes there is hidden magic in everyday life. Even the most simple chores and movements that have been performed by a myriad of people have gained an eternal status. As each image has reflections, one can peel them endlessly, layer by layer. The artist’s dreamy, almost icon-like paintings radiate perpetual peace and harmony.

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