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Miroslav Duzinkevych


Artist Statement


Painting is my life. I can’t imagine the possibility of living without this fantastic and subtle world, where the soul dwells. Having graduated with academic honors for the best thesis of the year, I feel quite confident in various styles, from classical to experimental, with a more modern and decorative interpretation. I love figurative painting, especially depicting people, their inner world, experiences, and aspirations. For me, to be able to convey this is the highest achievement in art. I also love still life, stylized, decorative, and ideally complementing the modern interior. I consider drawing with a pencil or charcoal to be the basis of art. It is my favorite technique since the time of my art studies. I could spend days working on busts and figures of antique sculpture.

I am inspired by my family and New York, where I now live. This city’s dynamism sharpens my perception, and brings a greater expression to canvas, forces me to use brighter colors. My wife and children, who go every day through life’s difficulties with me and share the joy of being, are my biggest supporters. They inspire me the most. I am very grateful to them. I am optimistic about the future and look forward to the opening of new exhibitions, art fairs, and other art events.


Miroslav is a Ukrainian-born American artist now living in New York City. In 2002, he graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, Kyiv, Ukraine, with high honors. His diploma work “It’s a Man” was recognized by the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture’s State Examination Commission as the best work of the year in the field of academic painting. Miroslav has been a part of the Ukrainian National University of Culture and Arts’ faculty for several years and simultaneously worked on his paintings, continually improving and developing his own style.

Originally from the Carpathian region, Miroslav has absorbed the spirit of the beautiful mountains and the deep respect for tradition inherent in Western Ukraine’s people. The artist’s canvases reflect his keen perception of the world in general and his native region, in particular. As if untouched by time, his still life evokes a sense of simplicity and mystery at the same time. His paintings, executed in the style of realism, follow in the footsteps of great Russian “Peredvizhniki,” or “The Wanderers” in English, such as Repin, Serov, Perov, whose works Miroslav greatly admires. The artist’s drawings reflect the mastery of the subject.

Miroslav’s works are in many private and public collections throughout the world. He exhibited extensively, both in solo and group shows. The most notable recent event was his participation in SCOPE Art Show at the Metropolitan Pavilion (NY, USA) in March 2020. He was awarded a gold medal in the New York Realism competition (January 2020), was the winner of the "My America" competition, and a finalist of the 40th International Artavita Online Art Contest.

Miroslav is a member of the Ukrainian Union of Artists, the International Art Alliance of the USA, the New York Realism USA studio, and many other art institutions. He is also an advisor to the Museum of Russian Art  (Jersey City, USA).

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