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Olga Nenazhivina

Paintings / Drawings

Artist's Statement


"I work in all mediums, but mainly ink and paper. These are natural materials with live energy. Just like humans, each sheet of paper has personal differences. Before I start a new drawing, I put a sheet of paper in front of myself, and I start a dialogue with it. I touch the surface, check the structure to understand its capabilities. Then I choose the side on which I will draw. Daily practice has reassured me that ink and paper are the most suitable media for me. Each thing created in this world has its own name and purpose, and if I have to choose a name that would unite all the pieces of my work into one whole, then I would name it chronicle. The reason driven by my work is that I genuinely enjoy the process, the outcome, and the feedback I get. For many years I have depicted the world in which I live, and I continue. I draw it as I see, feel, and understand it. The images that appear in my works are born from a combination of these factors. In other words, I do not come up with ideas and plots; they are a product of this world. To some, figures and objects from my drawings may be fantasy, but this is only a point in extent at which many factors intersect and form a “thoughtform.” A load of images and objects, their particular sequential arrangement - all create a unique spirit of the drawing. This is a philosophical and aesthetic work of art. My artwork is a friend and a partner. It will “talk” to you, and with each new sight, you will discover new facets in it."



Olga Nenazhivina is a Russian-American artist, art curator, and educator. She received her initial artistic training under her father, a professional sculptor, and her mother, an art enthusiast, followed by the formal education at Vladivostok State Art College, graduating with the Bachelor of Fine Arts. A child prodigy, she received her first best art award at the age of five and had her first solo show at the age of ten at the Gallery of Russian Artists Union. Since then, she has exhibited her work in Russia, Japan, Canada, the UK, and the USA. Olga Nenazhivina combines powerful pictorial imagination with excellent old school technique and superb taste to create graphic works that aesthetically merge the East and West.

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Selected exhibitions (PDF)

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