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Peter Ipina


Artist Statement


When I think of art, I see an expression of ideas for learning, useful teaching for current life and future generations. I hope my intended message gets through or is interpreted according to the occasion. But I want the spectator to live and feel the sensations that I capture with pigments and techniques, the works that I will share in this life.


Peter Ipiña is a multi-faceted artist and graphic designer, drawing inspiration and poetic vision for his works from social, political, and cultural situations. The son of internationally renowned Salvadoran artist Pedro Ipiña, Peter had the opportunity to learn and refine his techniques from the age of 12 and had his first exhibition by 18. Following this training and formal education, Peter has continued to create original works and develop artistic and graphic design and illustration projects for clients. Peter specializes in graphite, pastel plaster, watercolor, acrylic, and oil. His art frequently brings to canvas topics of social justice, environmental conservation, still life, and portrait collections. 

The artist has exhibited extensively throughout the US and internationally. He currently lives in Miami, FL.

Insurrection%22 (Acrylic and oil on canv
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