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Philip McKay


Artist Statement


I am really proud of what I have achieved on my art journey so far. I have learnt everything myself by reading books and studying. It has been a struggle and at times things just didn’t go according to plan, but I never gave up and just kept on going until I got it right. Surrealism is the art I opted to create. This style really speaks to me as all of my art comes from my own imagination. I was inspired by Rene Magritte and Storm Thorgerson who set me on my journey. If I never came across their art I would not know what I would be doing.




Philip Mckay is an award-winning artist from Liverpool, United Kingdom. His mostly black and white photographs are digitally manipulated to create a surreal effect on ordinary objects inserted in an unexpected setting. Beautiful and expressive images evoke a mood of seclusion and contemplation. They challenge the viewers’ immediate perception of reality. Just as Rene Magritte and Storm Thorgerson, the artists that inspired him, Philip creates fascinating scenery that is simultaneously aesthetically pleasing and thought-provoking. 


The artist’s journey into digital art started over 15 years ago. It quickly gained prominence in his native Liverpool when he was invited to exhibit in the “Thoughts and Pictures” group show at the Vice Chancellor’s Lodge. In the following years, the interest in his art grew, and Philip was interviewed by various art publications and commissioned to design several book covers. Among notable collaborations in recent years is the artist’s work with Michael Price, the British composer who created music for such blockbusters as Lord of the Ring and Quantum of Solace, among many others. Mckay designed several of the composer’s album covers. 


The most recent exhibitions and awards include the Gold Award at the Tokyo International Art Show (Japan, 2020) and Artbox Project at Wynwood Gallery (Miami, USA, 2019). Philip’s works are in private collections throughout the UK and other European countries.

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