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Beyond The Consequence of Time

Online exhibition July 21 - August 21, 2020.

Something to Remember by Alexey Adoniun

Artios Gallery is excited to present a retrospective of an Israeli artist Alexey Adonin that spans 15 years of his creative effort. The exhibition traces a progression of the artist’s journey from his earlier series Free Form to the latest titled Beyond the Consequence of Time and New Age.

Alexey Adonin is originally from Slutsk, Belarus. After graduating from the Belarus State Art College in 1973, the artist moved to Israel, where he lives now. Alexey has extensively exhibited locally and internationally. His works are present in private collections around the world.

The early works (2005 – 2015)

In his earlier series, such as the Free Form (2004-2008), Alexey began exploring the shapes and shades. The works in this period are characterized by the intricate, visually appealing patterns, creating surreal landscapes that are dynamic and bursting with colors. “In the abstract universe, there are no limits to the extent to which we can change the structure of reality,” said the artist. Perception of reality by the humans, their individual and collective ability to create something out of nothing, the power of the human mind, and the world’s interconnectedness – all these themes are investigated in-depth.

Beyond the Consequence of Time and New Age (2015 – 2020)

These later series reflect Alexey’s progression and maturity as an artist. The distinctive style is well developed, and his interest in abstract and surreal themes is evident in continuing investigation of the subject. Beyond the Consequence of Time explores the idea of imagination as a creative force that guides and drives all human activity. “Man lives in this world he created, in the world of spiral meanings, color values, equalized contexts, and mythological symbols,” writes the artist about this series.

New Age is a contemplative body of works that introduces a unifying subject of Water as a mechanism for self-reflection, purification, and regeneration. According to the artist, it is “a collection of spiritually oriented works.” Spirituality as a journey of self-examination, doubt, despair, redemption, and acceptance helps individuals achieve a higher intensity of emotional experiences. It opens up new levels of consciousness and perception of the world. The titles of works such as “Solace in Solitude,” or “Objects in A State of Consciousness” give the viewer a hint to the meaning of the images.

Please follow the link to see Alexey's works


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