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Artios Artist and Founder Elena Seroff Is Among the Winners of the International Competition

Two works of Artios artist and founder Elena Iosilevich Seroff were selected for the exhibition of the winners of the International Competition “The Best Artist in the Field of Contemporary Art, Abstraction and Sciarsism,” which was held at the Museum of Kyiv’s History, Kyiv, Ukraine, from 9th through 12th September 2021. The competition that took place in Kyiv from April through August of this year attracted 300 artists from 38 countries, where 60 finalists were chosen.

The project’s architect, Chairman of the NGO’s “Best Artist” Board, People’s Artist of Ukraine, Volodymyr Kozyuk, said, “This is the world’s first competition of contemporary art, abstraction, and sciarsism. Sciarsism makes it possible to combine the incompatible – modern art, figurative, and abstraction. The artist must convey through his work emotions, thoughts, perceptions. This is a new avant-garde. It allows you to start a new path in art, and time and history will show what it will be. At the exhibition, we brought together famous and emerging artists. The exhibition will travel further; it will be shown in different countries. Seventeen world galleries are already offering their spaces.”

Sciarsism is a trend in fine arts, especially in painting, which originated in 2015. The founder of the movement, Russian artist Sergey Dozhd, explains the rationale behind it, “Sciarsism is the science of artistic abstraction through which artists can understand their works and explain them to others. Sciarsism became a trend in contemporary art and philosophy. It is now an international movement of philosophers and intellectual artists developing a system for understanding abstract art, similar to understanding abstract concepts in physics and mathematics.”

We will be following the exhibition’s path and bring you further news as they become available. For now, we wish all the artists participating in this event continuing artistic inspiration and success in their future endeavors.

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Nov 16, 2021

So great to see Elena Seroff featured in an international competition! This could be a great jump forward for Artios to sell more works!

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