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Artist of The Month - Costa Gorelov

Meet Costa Gorelov – our Featured Artist of the Month. Costa is an emerging artist whose recent success has translated into increased sales in Europe and the US. His style most closely resembles that of Egon Schiele, mainly due to his use of nudity and self-portraits. However, Costa’s “wave” technique is unique in its use of translucent oils and rich, vibrant paints to smooth color transition between shadows and halftones. His works are instantly recognizable.

As to his themes, the artist loves to unite in his painting a figure with fashion. The fascination with fashion stems from Costa’s view on the subject. The artist says: “Haute couture, as the embodiment of handcraft and talent, always stays with me and nourishes me. Sometimes it seems that nothing can serve as good inspiration as some interesting fashion items: their history, form, texture like ghosts come to me when I’m working and ask me to use them, imprint in my work.” Costa’s characters often contemplate the choice of clothing and accessories, leaving the viewer to be amused by the comic predicament of the subject. Simultaneously, the artist exposes his character’s vulnerability to the outside pressures to conform, inner anxieties, and struggles with himself.

Costa actively participates in exhibitions and various art events. He recently has received the Honored Artist Certificate in the “Artist of the Year 2020” contest conducted by the Circle Foundation for the Arts, of which he is a member. Check out his profile on our website to learn more about this talented young man.

Artist Studio Visit

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May 29, 2021

Excellent video, very personal and informative!

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