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Elena Zelenina: Looking through the Light


October 1, 2020, New York

Artios Gallery is excited to present Elena Zelenina’s solo exhibition Looking through the Light.

The artist's works highlighted in this show can be viewed as a series with one unifying theme – the feminine genesis. Elena's dreamy, meditative paintings are rooted in an extensive exploration of femininity. The multifaceted role of a woman as a mother, as an inspiration, and as a wisdom keeper often crosses with the subject of light, physical and spiritual. The artist believes that inner beauty shines through interactions between humans, which positively affect our well-being. In her book ART Completes You. Transformation through Art & the Science of Completion, Elena talks about light as a spiritual torch, representing wisdom and guiding us “through the life's journey.” For her, light “signifies the supreme energy moving the universe, as well as this planet.”

The artist's choice of medium is not fortuitous. In her mixed media, watercolors are given the primary place. Known for their illuminating, almost translucent effect on the paintings, the watercolors in Elena's works radiate light within, highlighting their spiritual nature. It was not always easy to find a unique style, an inner voice, coming from a family with long artistic roots. Elena’s extensive travels through India deeply affected her philosophy and artistic expression. The concept of Completion that comes from Hinduism provides a basis for the Vedic science, which she practices. It stipulates that we can free ourselves from the preconceived notions imposed on us by society and open our minds to the creative force that lives within. “To be in Completion is to experience the present moment without the pain of past experiences. It is the space of lightness and energy,” writes the artist. Elena's works are testimony to this philosophy.

We hope you will enjoy Elena’s works and find them inspiring. Please follow the link to visit the show


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