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Empirical Abstraction


April 15, 2021 — New York

Artios Gallery is pleased to announce its newest curated online exhibition, Empirical Abstraction. On view from April 20 - June 20, 2021, the virtual exhibition will showcase 26 selected artworks executed in a variety of Abstract styles.

According to the Oxford dictionary, "empirical" means to be "based on, concerned with, or verifiable by observation or experience rather than theory or pure logic." Philosophically, "empirical abstraction" alludes to the innate human desire to be seen and understood in the context of one's unique, observed experiences. In mathematics, the term points to our ability to recognize similarities in objects and ideas by extracting structures, patterns, and properties from them. "Empirical abstraction" is thus the type of thought involved in everyday concept formation. It is through abstract reflection that we arrive at the realization of new ideas and creative objects.

Driven by visual perception, Abstract art is devoid of representational imagery. Rather, it is characterized by an abandonment of the conventional, where abstraction becomes the birthing ground of imagined worlds brimming with emotion and sensation. Allegories are forged from juxtapositions of shape, color, line, texture, and light. Whether its disciples wielded a brush and easel or their hands in expressing their creative vision, the new materials and methods adopted by Abstract artists paved the way for a style imbued with conceptual depth and immense artistic impact.

To highlight the artistic efforts of this genre, Artios sought the talents of those with versatility in style and subject. Empirical Abstraction will highlight the incredible diversity of means through which Abstract artists can convey their understandings of the world around them. Featuring a breadth of talent and reflecting aesthetic movements from Suprematism and Constructivism to Cubism and Bauhaus, the exhibition reflects the great range of expressive narratives made possible through a departure from realism.

To view the show, please visit We truly hope you enjoy the selection of curated works.

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