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New York, November, 1, 2020

Artios Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition of Spanish artist Guillermo Arismendi. The native of the Canary Islands has a background in filmmaking, which, with its creative aspect, helped fuel his interest in arts. He has been working with oils on canvas for many years and recently started experimenting with digital media to create abstract compositions. He then transfers them on canvas, whether as a traditional oil painting or as a digital print.

The artist’s vibrant works are organized in cycles by year and color. One glance at the compositions can tell you a lot about their author’s inner world and original vision. They are simultaneously chaotic and orderly, akin to the cacophony of the modern symphony. Each line represents a note, each color hue is a tone, together producing a beautiful melody. It is not surprising that Arismendi’s unique style is inspired by music and mathematics. Both subjects are known for their abstract concepts that, when channeled purposefully, result in the most harmonious display. The artist says, “I owe to music and dance the colors and movements I depict in my paintings. The choreography of shades, tones, and lines, the spontaneity of gestures and palettes, are all guided by a non-verbal state of mind. The beauty of mathematics also inspires my sense of accuracy and discipline. It serves as a counterpoint of the wildest instincts in the act of creation.”

Op2005 01 / 26.4 x 31.5 inches, oil on canvas, 2020

The digital tools that the artist uses provide an instant visual effect and conditions necessary for an exploration of different ideas. According to Arismendi, digital media allows him “to previsualize each layer of the paint and test different directions before tracing them on the canvas. The results are as spontaneous as before, with more efficiency and freedom.”

The rapid evolution of digital technologies opens up new horizons for artists who are not afraid of experimenting and embrace technological innovations. Arismendi is one such artist. He is looking ahead to exploring augmented reality in the near future and believes it will give his works new dimensions. However, the artist is confident that oil paintings will always be at the center of his creative endeavors.

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