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An Uncompromising Power of Expression: A Rhapsody in Diversity.

Art and Music Festival.

Curated by Elena Iosilevich ( Artios Gallery)

Participating artists:

Alex Ag Aleksander Dudorov, Marina Gershman , Simon Kaplan , Yelena Kimelblat , Natalia Koren Kropf, Nina Kossman , Yelena Lezhin, Natalia Maks, Julia Michry , Alex Shabatinas, Evgeniy Tonevitski , Elena Dobrovolskaya , Elena Iosilevich , Alexander Rees , Mikhail Zvyagin

This year we celebrate the 145th birthday of Sergey Rachmaninoff. “An Uncompromising Power of Expression: A Rhapsody in Diversity” is a true celebration of Art and Music with participants as diverse as their art. The outstanding musicians as Irina Nuzova and Natalia Medvedovskaya, piano, Adrian Daurov, cello, and Galina Ivannikova, mezzo-soprano, will show their talents by performing pieces by Sergey Rachmaninoff.

Jacob Miller, a writer and poet who apprenticed with Joseph Brodsky, will contribute copies of his signed book “Lines from a Canvas” to the second annual Art and Music festival.

The books will be a gift, given for free to the first one hundred guests who come to the festival. You will also have a chance to meet the author to get his personalized autograph.

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Oct 03, 2021

Nice sharre

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