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Not Anywhere but Here


September 15, 2021, New York, NY.

Artios Gallery is excited to present a solo exhibition of Fotini Christophillis titled “Not Anywhere but Here.” On view, there are 30 works grouped in two series – floral paintings and cityscapes painted over a period of 2020-2021.

Like most of us, the young American artist Fotini Christophillis was affected by the pandemic, which threw everyone off balance and forced us to cope with isolation, fear, and uncertainty. Such cataclysmic events sometimes become a catalyst for change, for something better, more significant. They elevate our spirit and make us more resilient to future adversities.

The current exhibition is a testament to this resilience, positivity, and triumph of the human spirit. Fotini’s cityscapes with generous blue, green, and yellow hues radiate optimism, invite the viewer to walk along the streets, sit at the cafes, enjoy the sunshine. The artist employs a peculiar technique of applying oil on canvas or linen reminiscent of a watercolor sketch. Yet the brightness of the oils saturates each painting, soaking it in an eternal glow of positive energy.

Fotini’s floral bouquets, mostly in gouache and pastel on paper, come alive with bright, rich reds, greens, and yellows. They seem to dance to a rhythmic tune akin to the jazz that she loves to listen to. The long months spent in isolation allowed Fotini to sharpen her perception, dig deeper into her inner annals, and explore surroundings in greater detail. The artist says, “Explosions of color emerged as I strove to harness a concert of lonely but joyous feelings, declaring my presence and asserting where I am, here -- not anywhere, but here.” That feeling of living in the moment, taking in all the sensory impressions from the external world, filtering them through yourself, and having them expressed on paper or canvas, makes the works genuine, authentic. That is how Fotini’s paintings can be described.

We hope you will enjoy this exhibition. Visit for more information about the artist.


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