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Passion in Abstraction. The Jack Caserta Show.


December 7, 2021, New York – Artios Gallery is excited to present a virtual solo exhibition of an American Artist Jack Caserta, titled Passion in AbstractionThe Jack Caserta Show. The exhibit showcases a selection of 15 artworks created by Jack in the past 4 years.

Jack’s style can be described as abstract expressionism, although the artist likes to mix the techniques and media. His purely abstract works contain an explosion of colors, tones, brushstrokes, textures. Their intuitive harmony reveals the artist’s passionate soul. Jack says. “I’m a mixed-media artist whose abstracts are inspired by the idea of not finding a universal form but rather to achieve a style that is continually changing. I believe abstract art has limitless possibilities.” Indeed, the artist does not restrict himself with preset boundaries. The colors flow freely, occupying an entire pictorial space and sometimes giving an illusion of splashing out from the canvas. Broad expressive brushstrokes let out inner energy tamed by choice of palette and medium.

Many of Jack’s more recent works carry some figurative elements and even text, reminding us of works by Jean-Michel Basquiat from whom Jack draws his inspiration among other artists. Misshapen heads, hands, and bodies scream from the canvas sometimes angrily, sometimes in despair, sometimes in ecstasy, reflecting the artist’s passionate nature. Colors further define paintings’ mood. Jack’s message for his art plays directly into the pure, passionate aspect of expressionism: “What I connect to most in life is the emotional side of things, the images, colors, brush strokes… and textured surfaces of my paintings represent the energy and emotions I experience.”

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Exhibition running dates December 6, 2021 – January 31, 2022.


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