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Serbian artist and Artios gallery in Pecinci, Serbia

Friday, December 25, 2020

The Winter Mosaic online exhibition and Dragoljub Trindic's works have been featured in the municipal newspaper in the town of Pecinci, Serbia. Please read the article.

Friday, December 25, 2020

The text is translated from the website of the municipality of Pecinci.

According to the artist, two of his works Bela Rada i Margarita and Dva Papagaja (from the Brazilian period), were shown at the virtual exhibition. This international participation, he says, gives particular weight to his work.

"I am glad that the international public will see that we have good artists here and that we can match our art to the world. I think it is imperative to participate in as many exhibitions in different countries as possible and win awards because it gives a lot of weight to your work and inspires you to keep going."- said Trindić.

Dragoljub Trindić has been representing the municipality of Pećinci at the Zone and Provincial Festivals of Artists of Srem and Vojvodina for years. He is a holder of numerous awards, and this year he won first place at the Provincial Festival with the painting It Can Be Any of Us. He first appeared on the international scene in 2013 in Bergamo, Italy, and in Los Angeles, USA, the same year.

This year, for the second time, he is exhibiting at an international exhibition with the Artios Gallery in New York. A virtual tour through the Winter Mosaic: Celebrating Creativity exhibition can be found at the link:


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