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Art Completes You: Transformation Through Art & The Science of Completion

Art Completes You: Transformation Through Art & The Science of Completion

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Elena's New Book, "Art Completes You- Transformation Through Art and The Science of Completion," is available now under a pen name Shraddha Nithyananda. Join a free FB ART COMPLETES YOU COURSE group to have Elena's personal guidance while building your art skills and learning to drop your negative self-talk.


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    • Publication Date: March 9, 2018



    New York-based artist and international coach Shraddha Nithyananda has released her #1 bestseller, Art Completes You: Transformation through Art and the Science of Completion to help people heal through art. A person’s progress in life can often come to a halt due to negative self-talk, self-doubt and many other limiting factors. Also, utilizing the Vedic tradition in her book, the author helps beginner and seasoned artists start a transformative journey towards not only becoming a better artist but also towards improving their life quality. However, the book does not solely address artists. Anyone looking to express themselves and heal themselves through art can learn from this book.
    Art Completes You is a revolutionary way to learn to draw and paint while dropping all negative self- talk. The book combines Vedic art principles with the ‘science of completion’: a meditative method that helps people let go of past traumas and initiate new experiences. Using the methods mentioned in the book, Shraddha has been able to eliminate many limiting factors in her life. Readers can implement these easily adaptable practices to their daily routines to find depth and meaning in life. Those readers interested in learning art will learn art techniques in a very short amount of time as compared to conventional learning methods. 
    Shraddha Nithyananda is the pen name for a New-York based Russian artist, Elena Zelenina, an author of multiple books and an international coach. With each of her books, she uses a Vedic pen name with a significant spiritual background. Growing up in a family of two Russian master artists and being exposed to art from a young age, Shraddha has always sought spirituality in life. Other than being an art instructor and author, she has coached people in Russia, USA and India. One of her most noticeable achievements
    includes founding and running the Biryukov Academy in New Jersey for 11 years. She has worked proactively for over 30 years in the field of education, art and empowerment.
    Throughout Shraddha’s life, art has been her medium for self-growth. Through art, she has taught herself to overcome challenges, let go of negativity and embrace new opportunities. She has successfully pursued many business endeavors, healed her daughter’s learning disability and accomplished many other milestones in her professional and personal life. Always passionate about spreading the message of art and helping people improve the quality of their life, she has now authored Art Completes You, which is a testament to Shraddha’s unique outlook on art, life and spirituality.


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