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Empirical Abstraction Group Show 2021

Empirical Abstraction Group Show 2021

SKU: 106

"Empirical Abstraction" 

Contemporary Art Group Exhibition

New York City, 2021


SOFTCOVER, GLOSSY/ White, matte paper

Publisher: Artios Gallery, LLC

Publication date: 06/13/2021

Series: Art Exhibition 2021

Edition description: Empirical Abstraction, 2021

Pages: 38

Product dimensions:  8.27w x 8.27h x 3/8d inches


Artists presented:

Hilary Saner

Tiffany Heng Hui Lee               

Kaline Carter

Michael Wagner

Tomislav Zovko

Stephen Mauldin

Robert Frankel

Tom Rosenthal

Vera Aleksandrova

Jason Wilson

Brandon Sutliff

Natalia Koren Kropf

Richard Heiens




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