In Search of An Illusion: A Retrospective of Change

Contemporary Art Group Exhibition, 2019.

New York. 

In Search Of An Illusion. Art Catalog

SKU: 101
  • The PSAG Third Annual Contemporary Art Group Exhibition, 2019. NY


    Hardcover / White,matte paper

    Publisher: Artios Gallery

    Publication date: 05/20/2019

    Series: Art Exhibition 2019

    Edition description: The PSAG Third Annual Group Exhibition


    Product dimensions:  8 1/2(w) x 8 1/2(h) x 3/8(d) inches


    Artists presented:

    Alexander Rees, Rudik Petrosyan, Nadia Klionsky, Mikhail Zvyagin, Danny Glass, Sherri Wolfgang, Khurshid Nazirov, Stella Shalumova, Benjamin Shalumov, Elena Zelenina, Olga Malamud-Pavlovich,

    Elena Dobrovolskaya, Natalia Koren-Kropf, Elena Iosilevich, and Darejan Adamashvili.


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