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Russell Orlando


Artist's Statement 


"If given a choice, I would not name any of my works. I believe naming a piece of abstract art may lead to a preconceived notion of what is viewed rather than allowing viewers to formulate their own opinion about the work. I want people to immerse themselves in my art and explore their own feelings and emotions. Attaching a name to an abstract piece dilutes the possibility of someone opening their mind to what they see on canvas with their own eyes.

The medium I use most is acrylic on canvas or board. My abstracts are inspired by the world around me and experimentation with various methods of transferring paint to canvas and not knowing precisely what the results will yield.  I believe the beauty of abstract art is ever-changing while being created, and this allows the artist to explore a virtually limitless number of outcomes before completing a piece. To achieve the desired effect, I use colors and textures, as well as the free-flowing movement of the paint on canvas. 

I tend to utilize hues and shapes that both complement and contrast at the same time. It creates an unexpected outcome and something which catches the eye of the beholder due to its uniqueness. Very seldom do I follow a specific pattern or format when creating a piece. I tend to let things flow to their ultimate end and observe the results, tweaking where necessary, to create the most unique piece I am capable of creating."






Russell “Russ” Orlando is an American artist based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He has worked and lived the majority of his life in Central Pennsylvania. The landscape and diversity of this region are wide-ranging from rural Amish farm settings to vast cityscapes.

In 2008, Russ enrolled in several art classes through Pennsylvania State University. He began exploring different methods of putting paint to canvas. Since then, he has focused on landscapes, floral, and fauna as well as abstract impressionism.

Russell works in a variety of mediums, but primarily utilizes acrylic paints. He is a member of the Art Association of Harrisburg and the Hershey Area Art Association. Many of Russ’s paintings are in the offices of public organizations such as banks and insurance companies and private collections of art lovers throughout the United States.

Russ Orlando_Cataclysmic_12x12_acryloc o
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