The great abstractionists of the past, V. Kandinsky, K. Malevich, and P. Picasso, said that art could be abstract, like science, but did not say how to abstract. For more than 100 years, abstract art was ‘unconscious’; abstract artists signed their works with numbers or left them unnamed. As a response, the Russian artist Sergey Dozhd created Sciarsism (the word is derived from the Latin scientia - science and ars - art). Sciarsism is the science of artistic abstraction through which artists can understand their works and explain them to other artists and viewers. Sciarsism became a trend in contemporary art and philosophy. It is now an international movement of philosophers and intellectual artists developing a system for understanding abstract art, similar to understanding abstract concepts in physics and mathematics.


Dozens of artists and art critics from more than 20 countries, including Russia, USA, Germany, Spain, France, Belgium, Italy, Great Britain, and China, participate in this movement. Several international exhibitions have been held in museums around the world. 

In 2019, a large exhibition titled Sciarsism and Sciarsists was held at the Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia. Participating artists included Sergey Dozhd (Russia), Ulrike Bolenz (Belgium), Edward Bekkerman (USA), Franco Viola (Italy), Ines Berlin (Germany), Konstantin Khudyakov (Russia), Evgeny Semenov (Russia), Mally Khorasantchi (USA), among others. An eponymous show is currently being prepared at the MMOMA, Russia.


Many world-renowned art personalities and philosophers, including Bazon Brock and Dieter Ronte (Germany), Alexander Borovsky (Russia), Barbara Dietrich (Belgium), Huang Mei (China), Joseph Laske (France), and others, widely collaborate with this movement. In 2021, the first international competition of sciarsists will take place in Ukraine. The theory of Sciarsism was first published in the German magazine Art Profile and later in many international books and catalogs. The sciarsists of France devoted several articles to this theory on Wikipedia.

by Sergey Dozhd.

Sciarsist Artists

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Call for Artists
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General Provisions

The initiative to create and hold an international art competition belongs to the organizers of "The Best Artist" award, which has already been held for many years in Ukraine, and to a number of artists and cultural professionals from more than 20 countries.

Competition Organizers

Vladimir Kozyuk, the People’s Artist of Ukraine, the Board Chairman of the Social Organization “The Best Artist” (Ukraine);

Alexei Zhadeyko, the Board Chairman of the «Fund named after V.A. Gegamyan”, art expert.

The Aim of the Competition

The aim of the competition is to develop contemporary art, expand its scientific space, present and support leading contemporary artists, as well as the overall development of the world cultural space.

The Main Competition Objectives

The presentation and popularization of the best samplings of the contemporary world art, experience exchange between the artists from all over the world, organization of the vernissage, creation of the platform for the formation of collections of art works,  expansion of international creative and artistic relationships, formation of a digital platform for collections of art works of abstract and sciarsist art, introducing modern viewers to the samplings of the best  works of contemporary art, abstractionism and sciarsism, as well as scientific and philosophical works in the field of art, publication of catalogs, books and movie making.

The General Provisions of the Competition

The competition is held from April 15 to August 20. Based on the submitted applications, the jury will select 10–20 finalists who will participate in the next projects and exhibitions. The jury reserves the rights to increase the number of participants in the final, taking into account the actual number of applications and the level of skills of the submitted works. The participation in the competition is free of charge.

Besides that, the works of famous masters in the field of the contemporary art, Abstractionism and Sciarsism will be presented out of competition in the section “Invited Guests”. Within the framework of the event, the forum will be arranged, including: exhibitions, scientific conference, creative workshops, master classes, exchange of artistic experience, training seminars, partnership programs, competition final.

Based on the results of the competition, a virtual and printed catalog will be published, the information will be reflected on Wikipedia.

The competition finalists submit one work to the project fund for the organization of the following exhibitions, disposition in museum collections, interaction with partner galleries and patrons of art. In order to develop contemporary art in the Sciarsism nomination, the additional prizes are introduced, the finalists will be invited to submit two works to the project fund, including the international exhibitions. The organizers, philanthropists, jury members, accredited news media and partners will be invited to the competition final. Based on the competition results it is planned to arrange the final art exhibitions at various world exhibition venues. The winners will get special awards as well as the right to participate in museum exhibitions and post pictures digital copies on the virtual platforms Blockchain. The competition finalists will be awarded with commemorative signs, diplomas and valuable gifts. In the format of awarding the competition winners, the independent awards are also provided. Logos, names of patrons of art and partners will be published on all promotional products. For rude behavior, disrespect to other participants, for actions and behavior contrary to the rules of the competition, the participant may be expelled.

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