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Steve Moors

Digital Art

Artist Statement


I create original hand-rendered large format digital prints. I work digitally, using a digital version of an HB pencil, with many, many hours of rendering. I bring the same sensibility and discipline from when I had my brick and mortar studio, as this quality resides in my mind, not in my location. For good, or bad, wherever I go, my head goes too. And let’s not forget that not using canvas, brushes and wooden frames means we’re saving a few trees along the way too. 


The motivation for my work is essentially driven by my fascination with the incongruities and conflicting self-deceptions created by the struggle between our primal and present modern selves. This quality essentially defines us. Something we can all relate to. This confluence of evolutionary insistence maps the ways in which we navigate our window of time. It continually negotiates the ever racing existential landscape within which we have only ourselves for the company. I’m excited, and surprised, by the work. It brings together the multifaceted aspects of my life experience as ingredients for a fresh, cohesive, yet always exploratory world view. Which perhaps represents a small evolutionary step of my own. For what I can offer, my work is an attempt to present these phenomena in a visual language that is focused enough to address the issue at hand, yet broad enough not to be colloquially or culturally exclusive. In essence, I see them as contemporary visual sutras, to be pondered, considered and absorbed. I sincerely wish for you to be uplifted, and then, perhaps, to pay that forward.




Steve Moors is a British/American artist based in New York. Over the years he has been involved in the arts in a multitude of disciplines. He has been a creative director, an art director, an art teacher, a photographer, an illustrator, and most recently, an artist. Steve has been showcased and interviewed in several magazines and exhibited in the U.S.A, Israel, and the United Kingdom, including the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. He is now focused entirely on his own self-motivated artwork. 

Nimrod Deer Rock
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