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Tatiana Popova


Artist Statement


As a child, I thought that artists had the best profession. I still think so. In the history of art, I am most influenced by the Old Masters and the Socialist Realism artists. If I had to choose my idols and teachers, it would be Diego Velasquez and Alexander Deineka.


I look for my own visual language and try not to limit myself to any one direction. In still life, I like to study and depict the beauty of objects. I carefully select them for their history, shape, or any other peculiar trait. My works have a certain monochrome color scheme, which is intentional because I like this aesthetic.


In conceptual works, my artistic approach is based on the conciseness of the image and expressiveness of the meaning. They are not overloaded with visual content. I strive for a kind of simplicity, as well as the rigor of compositional, light, and tonal construction.


Tatiana Popova is a Russian artist who lives and works in Moscow, Russia. She started painting at an early age when she attended art school. Tatiana graduated from the prestigious Moscow State Academic Art Institute, named after V.I. Surikov, with a degree in Painting. She also studied art history at the Department of Design in the National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia, where she is currently attending a contemporary art course. 


The artist uses various materials and techniques but prefers to work with oils in the style of realism. She draws inspiration from the works of Russian and European representational artists, with Velazquez and Deineka being her favorites.


Tatiana is a member of the Artists Trade Union of Russia. She has participated in many group exhibitions and held her first solo exhibition in Moscow in 2019. Tatiana’s works are in private collections in Russia, as well as in Germany, Italy and the United States.

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