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Vladimir Deming

Jewelry Designer

Artist statement



In my work, I try to unearth the beauty which is hidden in the mediums I use. Flowing designs, contrasting colors, and hand-carving techniques establish a dramatic style that allows each collection and each piece to be unique. I design keeping in mind the union between the body and the jewelry resulting in a soft, comfortable feeling for the wearer. I design for the woman who wants to look and feel attractive, artistic, stylish and one-of-a-kind.


Russian jewelry maker and designer Vladimir Deming received his Master's Degree in Decorative Art from the Academy of Industrial Art, St. Petersburg, Russia.  He started his career as an industrial designer and in addition, helped his father who was a stage jewelry designer for the St. Petersburg Musical Comedy Theater and the movie production industry.

The experience Vladimir gained at his father’s studio became handy when he was invited to the Vienna Opera House to become a stage jewelry designer while waiting for the visa during his immigration to the US in 1975. Those 6 months of intensive creativity and hard work further sealed Vladimir’s interest in the field. He was honored with the large private order to design and make Cardinal rings for the Art Festival in Salzburg that year. 

Once in New York, Vladimir worked as a jewelry designer for several jewelry companies and then developed his own business, making jewelry for private clients and restoring ceramics for antique dealers. Vladimir has also been teaching at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in New York for over 30 years, first, the course in Restoration of Ceramics and later, Handcrafted Costume Jewelry.  Highly regarded among the industry specialists as a “true professional”, Vladimir continues to create new styles and look for innovative techniques working with different materials. One of his earlier collections of silver jewelry “Reflections” was developed to show the ability of this metal to reflect light through simple and laconic shapes. In the past two years, Vladimir has been developing a new line made out of Plexiglas, which he called “Uniplex Jewelry”. This specific style of bracelets is elegant and unique on the market.

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