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April 12 - 15, 2021

Monday - Thursday 2 - 5 pm EST 

Enrollment is limited to 12 students

Price: $350


Calling all watercolor artists! Known as aquarelle, watercolor is one of the most difficult, although effective, virtuoso techniques. Unlike paper, YUPO allows the paint removal after drying – unwanted images are gone with a swipe. Expand your horizons and paint in a whole new manner. Come and join us for a four-day workshop on Still Life on Yupo paper and s-t-r-e-t-c-h your creativity using both a process and a surface that may be unfamiliar to you. Through exercises, you will gain experience and more confidence of working with a delicate watercolor medium. 


Students must have basic knowledge of watercolor. A list of supplies is provided upon registration. 


This class is a unique chance for you to let go of any restraints you may have in watercolors!

Classes are small - from 3 to no more than 12 students

Proactive teacher - instructor is always present, available to review students’ work in progress, answer questions, and provide guidance

Committed, individualized attention - which includes reviewing students’ portfolios and advising on personal artistic goals in an encouraging mentorship relationship 



Mr. Boris Lyubner received his MFA degree with Honors from St. Petersburg Stiglitz Academy of Art (Russia). His award-winning career as an illustrator includes national and international projects for corporate and advertising clients, who have placed his paintings in their collections and museums. Lyubner is an art instructor at the San Francisco Academy of Art University (SFAAU), as well as St. John’s University and CUNY in New York City.

Download the workshop PDF:

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