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Yacov Gabay




Yacov Gabay is an artist based in Israel. He has worked and lived his whole life in a rural community in the north of Israel at the foot of the Carmel Mountain where the scenery is green all year round.


In 1962, Yacov traveled to Paris, France. He was accepted to the Académie des Beaux-Arts where he joined the famous French painter Roger Chapelain-Midy. Yacov has lived and worked in Paris for 10 years, before returning to his native Israel.


Yacov Gabay works in a variety of techniques but chiefly produces oil painting. He is a member of the Israel Association of Painters and Sculptors. His artworks are exhibited around the world in prestigious galleries and museums and have been sold at several auctions in Israel and abroad. Many of Yacov's paintings are in public organizations such as banks and insurance companies as well as in private collections of art lovers around the world.

oil on canvas painting, art, prints
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