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Alexander  Rees


“The famous American art critic and collector, Robert Harris Rothchild, wrote: ”Alexander’s works are popular because they celebrate the beauty of the city in all seasons of the year. His vibrant brushwork, his spatially open and airy compositions, and his beautiful blending and mixing of the colors that compose his forms all are essential elements that build his pictures. His paintings create a wonderful scenic, atmospheric moods, and feeling”.






Alexander Rees was born in Moscow, Russia. He received his doctorate degree at the Gnesin Institute, now the Russian Academy of Music. Dr. Rees performed as a soloist, conductor, and chamber musician. Alexander played with prestigious chamber groups such as the Borodin String Quartet, Svyatoslav Richter chamber ensemble, Madrigal Baroque Ensemble, and many others. Alexander Rees found his passion for creating art during his teenage years. Since that time, he has been producing sketches and paintings. For many years, Alexander kept his art hidden from the public. It could only be viewed in private collections. After the publication of Alexander’s first art book, Moscow-New York-Moscow in 2003, Dr. Rees received several offerings from galleries to exhibit his art. After that, Alexander has participated in many solo and group exhibitions at reputable institutions such as The Museum of Russian Art in Jersey City, Pleiades Gallery of Contemporary Art and Salomon Art Gallery in New York, and others. His artworks can be found in private collections in Austria, England, Holland, USA, Russia, and Israel. Alexander is a member of the Professional Artist Union of Russia and Pleiades Gallery of Contemporary Art in New York.

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