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Monday - Thursday

10 AM - 1PM / Russian group

6 PM - 9 PM / English group

Enrollment is limited to 12 students 

Price: $350


These 12 consecutive workshops teach the basics of structural drawing, depicting light and shadow, and composition. They are designed to give students a clear method of viewing and drawing, which can be used both for simple objects and more complicated subjects.

Workshops are open to all skill levels, but are designed to give beginning students, or students who have been away from art for a long time, a friendly but rigorous place from which to start drawing. All workshops will combine lectures, demonstrations, and critiques of students’ works. The instructor will critique the student’s work in ‘breakout’ online sessions using digital references and demos.


Assignments consist of major drawing exercises, which are due before each class meeting. They may be more complex, more detailed, and incorporate all the concepts presented in either the latest lectures or from previous weeks. You will use the knowledge and skills you have developed from the exercises and incorporate them into your assignment.

Classes are small - from 3 to no more than 12 students

Proactive teacher - instructor is always present, available to review students’ work in progress, answer questions, and provide guidance

Committed, individualized attention - which includes reviewing students’ portfolios and advising on personal artistic goals in an encouraging mentorship relationship 

Drawing by Boris Lyubner

"Drawing is putting a line (a)round an idea." Henri Matisse

Course Learning Outcomes. Students will be able to:

• Sketch a variety of subjects including figures and objects in interior and exterior environments in a representational manner while demonstrating fundamental accuracy in scale and proportion of elements

• Utilize linear and atmospheric perspective techniques to indicate spatial depth in compositions

• Indicate light and shadow on forms using the five-value system and demonstrate correct application of form and cast shadow edges

• Compose elements into organized, readable designs and compositions

• Accomplish conceptualization of ideas utilizing thumbnail sketch processes and reference material

• Utilize conventional graphite drawing media for the technical application of line and tone

Foundation Drawing (FDx12) course, organized into 12 consecutive workshops:

1.  Basics

2. Household items

3. Drapery and folds

4. Composition

5. Interior one and two-point perspectives

6. Exterior one and two-point perspectives

7. Atmospheric perspectives

8. Figure drawing basics

9. Figure drawing advance

10. Figure in perspective

11. Head drawing basics

12. Head drawing advance


Mr. Boris Lyubner received his MFA degree with Honors from St. Petersburg Stiglitz Academy of Art, Russia. His award-winning career as an illustrator includes national and international projects for corporate and advertising clients, who have placed his paintings in their collections and museums. Lyubner is an art instructor at the San Francisco Academy of Art University, as well as a professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology, St. John’s University, and CUNY here in NYC.


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