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Kseniia Sribna


Artist Statement


My artworks are a combination of abstract and figurative styles. It allows me to mix real and imaginative worlds. Paintings are a way to speak an internationally understandable language to everybody, send messages, and share thoughts.

From a very young age, I was surrounded by paper, pencils, and paints. Art has become an integral part of my life. It’s my passion, which I put on paper, canvas, screen, etc. Materials don’t matter to me. The first place in my artwork is the idea, and then I choose the right medium. Lately, my thoughts have been embodied in more traditional materials such as oil, acrylic, and tempera. I want to discover something new, based on the experience of previous generations.

I find my inspiration in other art forms like music, literature, cinema. The melody inspires me; it helps me tune into the creative process and feel my particular mood, expressed in the palette, strokes, and composition. I prefer to use bright colors to exaggerate reality so that my viewer does not remain indifferent to the message. My art is multilevel; I hope that everyone sees something of their own in it.


Kseniia Sribna is a Ukrainian artist who lives and works in Kyiv, Ukraine. From a very young age, Kseniia was surrounded by paper, pencils, and paints. She graduated from the National University of Design, Kyiv, Ukraine, with a degree in Graphics Design. Prior to that, Kseniia studied at the art school and Sergei Rybnitsky’s art studio in her hometown of Zaporizhzhia. Since her childhood, Kseniia took part in various international children’s contests and earned many awards.

The young artist has participated in several group and solo exhibitions and took part in major international art festivals in Kyiv, such as “Gogolfest” and “Book Arsenal.” She also co-organized the “Trud-Art” Creative Union.  Kseniia is experienced in teaching children to draw and is actively engaged in painting and illustration herself.

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