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O. Yemi Tubi

Paintings / Drawings

Artist's Statement


“A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art,”

said Paul Cezanne.

I believe that emotions are driving any artist’s creative process. The theme of my works, in general, is “The Facts of Life: Roses and Thorns.” Life is like roses and thorns; sometimes, it emanates a sweet aroma of pleasantness, and sometimes it pricks and causes pain. I first used roses and thorns in my political painting “The Bleeding Roses.” Since then, I have adopted this floral iconography as my own unique style.

My recent works were influenced by the political and social upheaval of our world today and the paintings of the Renaissance artists. The uprising in the Arab world influenced my first political painting, “Arab Revolution” in 2012. “The Eagle Has Landed” was done to speak about American led war on terror. I used my paintings “African't,” “Hunger In The Land Plenty” and “Oil: African's Wealth and Woe" to speak about the exploitation of African nations. The paintings depict paradoxical poverty and the riches of Africa. My work, “The Fishers of  Men" is about the horror of refugees drowning in the Mediterranean Sea. I also used my painting – “Ukraine: The Unfortunate Bride” to speak about America and Russia influencing the war in Ukraine. 

I also like to use portraits to tell stories about my subjects, as I did in the painting “Soyinka:  A Literary Icon” about Professor Wole Soyinka, the 1986 Nobel Prize winner in Literature, or the “Portraits of An Artist” and “The Violinist.



O Yemi Tubi is a Nigerian born, USA trained artist currently residing in the United Kingdom. After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Valdosta State University, GA, USA, O Yemi worked as a creative director for a media company for nearly two decades. Since 2014, he has been a freelance visual and graphic artist. Over the years, O Yemi developed his unique personal style characterized by bright colors and expressive figurative imagery. The artist paints with acrylic and watercolor, but his favorite medium is oil paint.

Most of his recent works were influenced by the political and social upheaval of our world. O Yemi believes that artworks should evoke feelings and not be just for decoration. The artist has exhibited extensively around the world and received numerous awards and recognitions. His works were awarded leading places in American Art Awards from 2014 to 2020 in political commentary. O Yemi was a recipient of the Golden Award in the Master of Art International exhibition by Margarita Feaks Gallery, UK (2014). He also received First Round Award in the Art Olympia International Open exhibition, Tokyo, Japan (2015). Among his recent honours are “The Artist of the Future Award” by the Contemporary International Magazine, November 2020, and the “Best in Show” award in the Exhibition “Ordinary No Ordinary” by Tall Sequoia Gallery, Toronto Canada (2020). 

His works were published in many prestigious art magazines, journals, and newspapers such as ART Habens Review, MURZE Arts Magazine, ARTtour International magazine, and others. O. Yemi is a member of numerous art organizations, including Fine Art America, AERA –the Association Embracing Realistic Art Circle Foundation for the arts, WCA- World Citizen Artists, and International Association of Visual Artist, among others.

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