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"Works on Paper" open with a spark

Set in a modest, square room in the space of the 1199SEIU Bread & Roses Cultural Project in Manhattan’s theatre district, Artios Gallery’s Works on Paper exhibition opened on August 6th, 2019. The opening night attracted art lovers, collectors, family and friends alike, setting up a homey yet professional environment for its viewers.

The simplicity of the location reflects the very message of the show – that even hung on a plain white wall in a room densely packed with visitors, true talent will shine.

“With this exhibition, our goal was to show how a myriad of themes and styles could all be united through one medium: paper,” said Artios Gallery founder and Creative Director Elena Iosilevich, “We wanted to prove how diverse the material could be, and although it looks like an unexpected source of raw creativity at first glance, even something as simple as paper can be molded to express true talent as we have seen with our artists.”

The exhibition certainly succeeds in that respect, as the wide range of artists, whether from a different cultural background or utilizing an entirely different artistic style, results in a show brimming with variety. Twenty artists were featured with over fifty works displayed, ranging from photos and graphics to collages and paintings, realist to abstract.

The next step for Artios Gallery, co-founder and Business Director Ellen Opman said, is to “continue to organize 3-4 pop-up exhibitions a year showcasing both established and emerging artists. The events will be held at various locations throughout the city, and you can find the information about them on our website. We are planning on working with museums, participating in art fairs, and organizing various events similar to this one in the future. For now, we invite all art lovers to visit our current exhibition as well as the next one which will take place this year in October.”

Artios Gallery represents the essence of New York City by exposing viewers to the unique flavors of the art world with taste and care. Ellen and Elena encouraged the art lovers to use the exhibition opening as a rare opportunity to connect with the artists. Says Elena: “Our visitors could much better understand the creative forces behind displayed art and the intricate, sophisticated effort put in the works.” The lively exchange of opinions moved into the late evening signaling singular success of this show. Artios Gallery is a noteworthy newcomer to the city’s art scene and their exhibitions are a must for all those seeking to stay in touch with the undercurrent of New York art world and discover new hidden gems of the city’s multi-talented art community. Their next exhibition, “Traveling Through The Light” dedicated to abstract works in multiple medium, will take place in October.

By Sonia Shuster.


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