Egregore by Alexey Adonin - Israel

Egregore by Alexey Adonin - Israel

SKU: 100103

Oil on canvas
27.67 x 39.4 inches
(70 x 100 cm), 2016

Signed by the artist



Series: Beyond The Consequence Of Time

Years: 2015-2020



Beyond The Consequence Of Time is a parable on man's destiny and his relationship with what is beyond. The theme here is a conceptual and philosophical dialogue among different positions that combine the downfall of an old-world and a human tendency for something exalted. In both cases, what brings the interest is not what is factually happening, but how we see reality and the world and how we project in them our inner thoughts and feelings. In that regard, the reality is just a personal projection, something that only exists when perceived in a certain way. Man lives in this world he created, in the world of spiral meanings, color values, equalized contexts, and mythological symbols.


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