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Alexey Adonin


Artist Statement


I explore the point of convergence between abstraction and surrealism to create a channel of communication between my inner world and the viewers, not only to share my personal vision but also and especially to invite viewers to elaborate their personal interpretations and narratives, establishing deep involvement both in the emotional aspect and in the intellectual one. My approach to work is without preconception, allowing random things to happen first. Then, I take advantage of the mind's ability to find order in chaos or use a prepared sketch. I mostly strive to get away from banal copying of reality, preferring instead to create one of my own—something that somehow reflects my inner world.



As an explorer of the mysterious universe of oil painting, Alexey Adonin has dedicated over one and a half-decade to convey his vision of hidden otherworldly realms connected with a timeless source of inspiration. Raised in Eastern Europe, Belarus, Alexey's thirst for mystic and love for art has been evident from a young age. He began attending children's art school and later went to art college. Today based in Jerusalem, Alexey has exhibited locally and internationally. His works have also been acquired by notable private collections worldwide.

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Selected exhibitions (PDF)

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