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Vicki Davidson


Artist Statement


I live life with energy and vitality which I endeavour to bring to my paintings. I work with quick strokes, vivid dashes of colour, and bold tonal contrasts. I want to create a sense of the real but embellished with light, tone, and originality.

My enthusiasm for colour and character inspires my art, which, I hope, brings a sense of optimism. Above all, I want to convey the character and warmth of my subjects and I hope my art will inspire and brighten your day.


Originally from Devon, UK, Vicki lives on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales with her family. Although she studied art and design at ‘A’ Level, a busy career in nursing has left little time for her passion. Vicki’s nursing job has taken her around the world, including London, Australia, an African expedition, and even some time in a Field Hospital during her time as a reservist with the Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps.


In 2017, Vicki returned to painting. Her works are characterized by dynamic brushstrokes and the use of vivid colors. The artist explores a variety of topics, including animals, portraits, and landscapes. She uses bold tonal contrasts and in a variety of media, including oil, pastel, acrylic, watercolor, and charcoal. Recently, Vicki started participating in art competitions and exhibitions. Her artwork has rapidly generated keen interest, resulting in commissions and requests for prints. The artist works on commissions and is represented by several art galleries in the UK. In the US, she is represented by Artios Gallery.

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