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Yulia primarily creates paintings and collages. She explores such themes as the interaction of a human being with the Universe, trust in humanity, and chance. The artist uses landscape as the main focus of her paintings and as a possible representation of the human psyche. Collage is another tool for Yulia to explore the relationship between the artist and the world. She applies even more abstract concepts to it.

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December 7, 2021


December 20, 2021

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The Philosophy Of Sciarsism Explored At MMOMA - Elena Seroff's Abstract Way of Thinking

November 9, 2021

by Eli Anapur / Widewalls

When abstraction became the leading art movement in the 20th century, its proponents, including Wassily Kandinsky, Kazimir Malevich, and Pablo Picasso, made a comparison between art and science and stated that art could be abstract as science. However, they never left a blueprint saying how to abstract. Several decades later, the Russian artist Sergey Dozhd, created Sciarsism, a new movement in contemporary art that addresses this problem and represents the science of artistic abstraction through which artists can understand and explain their work to other artists and viewers. To celebrate this achievement, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA) staged this fall the exhibition Sciarsism and Sciarsists, including Artios Gallery's Elena Seroff. 

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The Magical World of Elena Zelenina 

October 6, 2020

by Balasz Takac / Widewalls

The modernist legacy continues to inspire some artists working today, who remained devoted to the explorations of the painterly surface while projecting their own aesthetic or conceptual persuasions. The practice of the Russian-born artist Elena Zelenina nicely illustrates this claim, as it is reminiscent of Marc Chagall’s painting, on one hand, and the spiritual preoccupations of Wassily Kandinsky on the other.

Zelenina's contemplative dreamscapes are a manifestation of the way the artist perceives spirituality since to her, everything in life is about spirituality or enlightenment, about what she likes to describe as "enlightened living."

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Artist in the Spotlight: Alexander Rees

August 06, 2020

by Elena Martinique / Widewalls

A Russian-born and New York-based contemporary artist, Alexander Rees is known for vibrant brushwork and spatially open and airy compositions. A truly multi-talented individual, Rees is also a professional musician and a highly regarded teacher.


Celebrating the beauty of the cities in all seasons of the year, his works are characterized by a beautiful blending and mixing of the colors. His works have been described as wonderfully scenic, imbued with atmospheric moods and feelings.


Art That Encompasses Human Experience - In Conversation with Anya Rubin

August 26, 2021

by Eli Anapur / Widewalls

Art is a life journey - explains artist Anya Rubin. Art encompasses human experience and shows us its multifacetedness; we encounter all of its aspects - both positive and negative - in art. Art analyzes, dissects, and exposes this experience; it guides us through visual narratives of contemporary social, spiritual, and political conditions and shows them to us for what they are.

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The Power Of Abstraction:

Guillermo Arismendi

November 1, 2020

by Ellen Opman

The artist’s vibrant works are organized in cycles by year and color. One glance at the compositions can tell you a lot about their author’s inner world and original vision. They are simultaneously chaotic and orderly, akin to the cacophony of the modern symphony. Each line represents a note, each color hue is a tone, together producing a beautiful melody. It is not surprising that Arismendi’s unique style is inspired by music and mathematics. Both subjects are known for their abstract concepts that, when channeled purposefully, result in the most harmonious display. The artist says, “I owe to music and dance the colors and movements I depict in my paintings. The choreography of shades, tones, and lines, the spontaneity of gestures and palettes, are all guided by a non-verbal state of mind. The beauty of mathematics also inspires my sense of accuracy and discipline. It serves as a counterpoint of the wildest instincts in the act of creation.” 


Artios Gallery Hosts an Online Show of Works by Natalia Koren Kropf

August 10, 2020

by Angie Kordic / Widewalls

Natalia Koren Kropf refers to her artworks as “visual poems,” created across a splendid variety of media: drawing, painting, printmaking, works on paper and sculpture. Her lyrical language seems to stem from a connection with nature, initially hinted at by the titles of some of her series: the linocuts named Summer Memory, Purple Sunset, Blue Evening; her watercolors depicting Northern Light or Winter Sun; Spring Blossoms and Windy Day, belonging to the ink drawings.


Nadia Klionsky

I had a very positive experience while participating in a few exhibitions with Artios Gallery. When I first met gallery owners, I knew right away that I was dealing with professionals, who knew how to curate a show.

Artios gallery offers a very intimate, deep encounter with a broad spectrum of artists of all ages and genders, representing many different cultures, nations, and backgrounds. For me personally - a professional woman living in NYC, a collector trained in art history, it has been a heartwarming experience to watch the Artios gallery to blossom from the start, with a lot of personal, detailed input from its organizers.

Alex Rubin
client advisory

A well-appointed gallery with an interesting selection of contemporary art. I appreciate their desire to bring in new talent. You can view all art online. You will be inspired by what you see at Artios.

Marsha Goldenberg