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Painting / Sculpture

Artist Statement


My inspiration comes from the world around, from the way we change it and the way it changes us. Travel and the environment are big influences on my art. I feel like everything is connected - the trees, the rocks, the souls. It might be not obvious, yet the connection between my viewer and me exists even without my paintings. With my art, I am trying to make it stronger. My favorite subjects are human emotions, our interaction with the world around us and our relationship with entropy.” Well, it’s rather messy. I have to admit that I am intimidated by the silent perfection of a blank canvas. So naturally, I start with making a mess. I make it loud with lots of bright colors. Then I try to fix it. Sometimes it doesn't work out, and sometimes it surprises me. My paintings are a series of happy accidents, some of which didn't seem that happy at the moment when they were happening.

What do I want my art to say? I try to step away from my paintings before they are completely done, leaving some things unfinished. When things are left for interpretation our life experiences help us to fill in the blanks. Each person is an individual, and so we see things differently. But even though our fears, anxieties, and fascinations might be different we all do have them. I am trying to appeal to your emotions, so you might stop for a second and share a moment with me.



Marö is a New York-based artist with European roots. Originally trained in the classical figurative painting and focusing on oil on canvas she began her artistic career with a lot of travel, visiting world-famous galleries and copying the old masters. As she was developing her own style she started deviating from figurative painting toward the abstract, also experimenting with various approaches and techniques from watercolor to acrylic, from collage to mixed media. While continuing her 2D work she started exploring various 3D mediums working with marble, bronze, and plaster. Many of her 3D works were developed using recycled materials turning garbage into works of art and saving the planet. Currently, Marö shares her time between New York and France, spending a lot of time in the South of France, working with private collectors and interior decorators. 

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